**Internet Special**
$300 Off Regular Price

4 Car Garage – Was $2799 – Now $2499
3 Car Garage – Was $2399 – Now $2099
2 Car Garage – Was $1899 – Now $1599

New construction <1-year = Extra $100 Off

This pricing is based on a standard size garage floor, semi-custom or custom homes might be more based on Sq Ft. There is no expiration date of this special offer.
If your home is more than 20 years in age, we add Moisture Vapor to the preparation and only charge for the material — example: 2-car = $250, 3-car = $350, etc. Older homes are high risk of moisture coming up under slab.

Pricing includes:

Prep, Primer, 100% Solid Epoxy, Chips & Poly Top coat, ALSO includes minor concrete repair & the stem wall up to the drywall.


Industrial Epoxy Floor
Hard to beat our price
Specializing in Auto Dealerships, Service Bays, Drive Thru’s, Airport Hangers, Warehouses & Restaurants

Only $3.50 Sq Ft!
*$3.50 /sq ft for floors under 1000 sq ft
*$3.25 / sq ft for floors over 1000 sq ft
*$3.00 / sq ft for floors over 2000 sq ft
*$2.50 / sq ft for floors over 4000 sq ft

Colors: Several colors to choose from at this price as well as decorative chips to create a “granite look. ”

Pricing includes:

Preparation, epoxy primer coat, 100% solid epoxy coat with decorative chips and a poly top coat for a high gloss granite look. Added to price if needed — Moisture Vapor, Shot Blasting / Grinding Floor.

Potential Additional Charges:

  • Stem walls 12 inches or higher
    • 2-car add $100
    • 3-car add $150
    • 4-car add $200
  • Removing existing paint, epoxy, glue residue, etc.
    • Priced per sq ft depending on size and what is being removed

LIFETIME WARRANTY on Installation and Labor

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Many color and decorative chip combinations to choose from.

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